Baroque monuments and typical flavors characterize Sortino, a charming town in the Syracuse area.

Nestled on the low hills of the Iblei Mountains,the town offers a splendid view of Mount Etna.

Sortino is famous for the production of an exceptional honey made by the Sicilian bee. It is also the home of Pizzolo, a kind of local flavored pizza.

It is close to  Necropolis of Pantalica and the Anapo river, with thousands of cave dwellings that can be visited today,

Among the monuments and churches to visit, characterized by the elegant baroque style, we recommend the Mother Church of San Giovanni apostolo ed evangelista, the Church of Santa Sofia Vergine e Martire, the Church of Anime del Purgatorio, the Church of San Sebastiano and the Church of the Natività.


Written by: Valdinoto Team

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