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A dive into ancient history

Syracuse, inhabited since prehistoric times, due to its location and its natural harbor, was the most excellent Greek city. The city is divided between the old town, the small island of Ortigia, and the new town. Ortigia, just one square kilometers, reveals, step by step, the testimonies of a glorious past, with its Greek temples, such as Apollo, Christian churches, and Swabia, Aragonese and Baroque palaces. The Arethusa is a symbol of classical mythology: the papyri emerge from the water that legend says to be Alpheus, turned into the river by the Gods jealous of his love for the beautiful water lily Arethusa.

The Cathedral Place
The Cathedral dominates the other Baroque buildings that surround the large square; the main place of worship of the city is located on an old Greek temple.

The Archeological Park

Takes about two hours to visit the Greek theater, L’Ara di Lerone, Dionysus ear and the Roman amphitheater.

Tour Bike discovering Ortigia – Syracusa

Written by: Valdinoto Team

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