Montalbano’s House

In the fiction, Inspector Montalbano’s house is located in “Marinella”, but actually the inspector’s house is located in Punta Secca, a seaside village a few kilometers from Ragusa.

This house has become a popular destination of Inspector Montalbano’s fans.Taking pictures in front of the most famous house of Italy is a must.
The house is actually a B&B by the sea, where you can stay, so you can be in the shoes of Salvo Montalbano for a day and pronounce the famous phrase: “Montalbano, sono!”.

How to get to Montalbano’s house?
You need to reach Marina di Ragusa, and continue further for about 20 minutes along the sea towards Punta Braccetto, on the road you will find signs for Punta Secca.

Next to Montalbano’s house there is a long beach of golden sand, with its low and crystal waters, is suitable for families. There are cafes, restaurants, lidos and facilities, so it is an ideal destination for a comfortable and relaxing holiday.


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